Here's a couple of things we thought you ought to know...

Wait Time -Before placing your order, please note that there is a minimum 10 day design period before your product will be posted. Obviously we do our best to endeavor that we smash this time frame and get your order out to you ASAP, however depending on the volume of orders at the time this may not be possible. So if you DO require something pronto, please message us and we'll see what we can do.

Take Care - While our products are made from top quality materials, they are small and fragile pieces that need delicate handling. Be gentle when inserting cake toppers, placing items or securing pieces to your wall.

Keep it Clean - To maintain condition, keep your items out of direct heat and sunlight. For the wood stuff, gently wipe over with a dry cloth if dusty and for the acrylic stuff, feel free to use a damp cloth to gently wipe over.
Do not let any water or substance to be on your item for an extended period.

Keeping all this in mind and you and your lovely custom piece will live a long and happy life together.